Mark Petrovsky has debuted in professional boxing with a win

Ellison Lynch

Mark Petrovsky is already a well-known boxer in sports circles. Last November he topped the most prestigious weight class (over 92 kilos). After his triumph a talented sportsman shared in the interview with REN TV that its too soon for him to go pro. 

Its too early to talk about professional sport. I need to box in amateur sport a bit. My first great starts are still ahead so I wont look so far, just amateur boxing. Its fine by me, he said. 

4 months later, Mark tried his hand in professional boxing. He stepped inside the ring against Collins Ojal in his debut.

The fight between Petrovsky and Ojal started in no rush - the pace in the first round was rather low. The boxers were punching each other, trying to find a gap in the defense. Mark demonstrated high speed and Ojal, in turn, couldnt keep distance and missed every time. We add that early in the match Mark was a bit tense.

In the second round Collins ate a heavy blow from Petrovsky, besides, the Russian was pressuring the opponent from Kenya. In response to Marks pressure Collins kept his hands where they were. Ojal looked disoriented and had no clue where to punch. Petrovsky got up steam at the end of the second round and pierced into the opponents spleen.

The third round just didnt happen: Ojals coach requested to break the fight because of the boxers health condition. Mark admitted that he would like to have every round, though he would not contradict medical advice.

Mark shared his nearest plans in an exclusive interview with Knock-out programm. So he said that he wants to dedicate considerable time to amateur sport and, as an example, to participation in the Governors cup. In the meantime, the sportsman is intensively training. 


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