Orsha saw the victory of Sergey Kharitonov over Malik Scott

Ellison Lynch

The legendary Russian MMA fighter Sergey Kharitonov defeated the American Malik Scott in the main battle of the REN TV boxing evening in a small Belarusian town Orsha.

From the very first second the American boxer had been showing his ambitions but didn’t manage to bring the fight to the win. His rival Kharitonov made a point after the fight that Malik, in his view, is a real machine.

«Malik Scott is a serious opponent», - said Kharitonov.

An outstanding duel ended in Kharitonovs victory by the split decision of the refs. We note that the long-awaited fight, organized by the team of promoter Vladimir Khryunov, was very stubborn. Its interesting to note that both boxers got packs of punches, after which they landed on the ring floor. In this case, Kharitonov took quite a heavy hit in the liver which made him drop to the canvas but a gong saved him at that moment.

Referees decision is a victory for Kharitonov.

photo by sports.ru


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