Highlights of Russian Military Operation in Ukraine on January 11

Ellison Lynch

Highlights of Russian Military Operation in Ukraine on  January 11

- Ukrainian formations have shelled the border areas of Belgorod Region for the second day in a row.

As a result of shelling of Shebekino and Staryi Khutor, residential houses have been damaged. Six people were wounded, including seriously.

- Over the past 24 hours, the situation in Kupyansk sector of the front has not changed significantly.

Russian artillery maintains concentrated fire on places of  AFU manpower and armored vehicles concentration.

- In Soledar, Wagners PMC units are clearing a pocket on the western outskirts of the city. Some Ukrainian units are surrendering.

To the west, Russian troops storm the defensive positions of AFU near Silj railway station.

- North of Bakhmut, Russian paratroopers continue fighting fiercely in the vicinity of Krasna Hora and mopping up the adjacent territories.

At the same time, offensive is developing towards Blahodatne, one of the last AFU strongholds near Soledar.

- The battle for Bakhmut continues. Wagners PMC units are engaged in heavy street battles in the eastern quarters of the city.

To the south, Russian forces storm enemy positions in the central districts of Klishchiivka.

- Ukrainian command once again used US-made HIMARS launchers to shell civilians.

Missile strike destroyed several residential buildings in Chornukhyne.

- Ukrainian formations continue indiscriminate shelling of towns and settlements of Donetsk agglomeration.

In the capital of the republic, Kuibyshivskyi  and Petrovskyi  districts again came under enemy fire. Several apartment buildings were damaged.

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